Doctors In Training – Solid Pharmacology (Videos)

Doctors In Training – Solid Pharmacology (Videos+PDFs)

Doctors In Training – Solid Pharmacology (Videos)


Doctors In Training – Solid Pharmacology

Prepare for your Step 1 exam or prepare for rotations with this comprehensive high-yield review of Pharmacology.

The physician educators at Doctors In Training have taken a—let’s face it—really dry topic taught differently at every school and brought out what you need to know. Whether you missed a day of class, you’re about to go on rotations, or you just need a stronger foundation, this is the video series for you.


Active Learning

      • Memorable Mnemonics
      • Illustrations & Animations help you learn more and memorize less
      • Memorable Skits drive home high yield points
      • Includes a Quick Review and End of Session Quiz to emphasize key points
      • References Lippincott’s Illustrated Reviews: Pharmacology, 4th Edition
Taught by physicians with clinical experience who have been where you are – they know what you need to know to score well on tests and perform well in the clinic!
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  • Format: 51 Video Files (.mp4 format)
  • File Size: 6.25 GB




Introduction to Pharmacology

1.   Pharmacokinetics, Part 1:  Drug Administration, Absorption, and Distribution
2.   Pharmacokinetics, Part 2:  Drug Metabolism and Elimination
3.   Drug-Receptor Interactions and Pharmacodynamics

Autonomic Pharmacology

4.   Autonomic Nervous System
5.   Cholinergic Agonists
6.   Cholinergic Antagonists
7.   Adrenergic Agonists
8.   Adrenergic Antagonists

CNS Drugs

9.   Neurodegenerative Disease Therapies
10.   Anxiolytic and Hypnotic Drugs
11.   CNS Stimulants
12.   Anesthetics
13.   Antidepressants
14.   Neuroleptics
15.   Opioids
16.   Antiepileptics

Cardiovascular Drugs

17.   Heart Failure Drugs
18.   Antiarrhythmics
19.   Antianginal Drugs
20.   Antihypertensives
21.   Blood Drugs
22.   Lipid Drugs
23.   Diuretics

Endocrine Drugs

24.   Pituitary and Thyroid Therapies
25.   Insulin and Diabetes Mellitus
26.   Other Diabetes Drugs
27.   Estrogen and Hormone Replacement Therapy
28.   Progestins and Oral Contraceptive Pills
29.   Androgens
30.   Adrenal Hormones

Other Organ Systems

31.   Respiratory System Drugs
32.   Gastrointestinal and Antiemetic Drugs
33.   Other Therapies (Sexual Dysfunction, Bones, Obesity)

Antimicrobial Drugs

34.   Principles of Antimicrobial Therapy
35.   Cell Wall Inhibitors, Part 1: Penicillin
36.   Cell Wall Inhibitors, Part 2
37.   Protein Synthesis Inhibitors
38.   Quinolones, Folic Acid Antagonists , Urinary Tract Antiseptics
39.   Antimycobacterials
40.   Antifungal Drugs
41.   Antiprotozoal Drugs
42.   Anthelmintic Drugs
43.   Antiviral Drugs, Part 1
44.   Antiviral Drugs, Part 2:  HIV/AIDS Antiviral Drugs

Other Drugs

45.   Antineoplastics, Part 1
46.   Antineoplastics, Part 2
47.   Immunosuppressants
48.   Anti-inflammatory Drugs, Part 1
49.   Anti-inflammatory Drugs, Part 2:  Antirheumatics and Gout Therapy
50.   Autacoids and Autacoid Antagonists
51.   Toxicology


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