2016 Online Mayo Clinic Electrophysiology for Boards and Recertification MOC – Videos + PDFs

2016 Online Mayo Clinic Electrophysiology for Boards and Recertification MOC – Videos + PDFs


Mayo Clinic Online Electrophysiology Board Review Course is designed for fellows and physicians who are within two years of their next board or recertification exam. This comprehensive online course will give you a personalized and adaptive online learning curriculum that will save study time, give you confidence to pass the exam, and most importantly enable you to bring the most current medical knowledge back to your daily practice.


      • Superior content from Mayo Clinic faculty:  World-class experts in Electrophysiology give in-depth didactics on state-of-the-art subjects with content presented in a variety of engaging formats.
      • Personalized learning experience: Physicians can test their relative knowledge vs. peers and identify personal knowledge gaps via a private self-assessment. The results then inform a personalized curriculum unique to your specific needs.
      • An efficient study plan focused on those areas you need the most:  No users’ study guide is the same.  While all course material is available on the personalized platform for your review, your pre-test results drive the identification of individual knowledge gaps that then dynamically build a personalized study guide with content just for you. This enables you to focus on what is most relevant to achieving mastery, saving you time and frustration.
      • Better retention and mastery of content:  On average, physicians who completed this online course curriculum achieved a 21-point increase in knowledge demonstrated by the lift in scores from pre- to post-test.  For those preparing for board exams this a confidence booster and greatly reduces anxiety.
      • Easily accessible anywhere, anytime:  The entire curriculum is available anywhere you have an internet connection, and accessible on both computers and mobile devices. We enable you to fit learning into your work/life instead of the other way around.
      • CME and MOC credits while preparing for your boards:  Submission of the mock board examination post-test with a score of 80% or higher makes you eligible for 27.0 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ and 27.0 ABIM MOC Medical Knowledge points.

Upon conclusion of this program, participants should be able to:

      • Apply 3-D mapping techniques to distinguish between reentrant vs. focal mechanisms of VT;
      • Develop evidence-based approaches for atrial fibrillation ablation;
      • Identify the EP characteristics of cardiac impulse propagation, including anisotropy, cable theory, and spiral/scroll conduction;
      • Select and appropriately utilize maneuvers to differentiate AVNRT from JT and ORT in the EP lab;
      • Recognize the indications for ILR, tilt-testing, and ambulatory monitoring in patients with syncope;
      • Distinguish the clinical principles and theory of defibrillation and cardic resynchronization;
      • Describe the molecular basis of the action potential of the human heart;
      • Recognize the pharmacokinetic properties of antiarrhythmic drugs, including use dependence;
      • Recognize and describe the basic mechanisms of common LQTS, Brugada, short-QT, and J-wave syndromes;
      • Formulate management approaches to the arrhythmia syndromes in congenital heart disease, sarcoid, and ARVD.

This course is intended for cardiologists, electrophysiologists, cardiovascular fellows, electrophysiology fellows, and all practitioners involved in the care of complex arrhythmia patients in the outpatient and laboratory settings.

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