[Hot New 2017 ] Sports Medicine for the Primary Care Physician pdf & video 

[Hot New 2017 ] Sports Medicine for the Primary Care Physician pdf & video



Learn to recognize, diagnose, and treat sports medicine injuries you see on the field or in the office. Earn CME credits and get up to speed on current treatment protocols and return-to-play guidelines. Ideal for MOC.

      • Heat Illness in Athletes – Jessica Juntunen, MD
      • Sports Nutrition and Hydration – Jessica Juntunen, MD
      • Sports Dermatology and Sports Infections – Jessica Juntunen, MD
      • The Female Athlete – Emily B. Casey, MD
      • Lumbar and Sacroiliac Pain – Cherie Miner, MD
      • Tendon Injuries and Regenerative Medicine Treatments – Ricardo Colberg, MD, DABPMR
      • Sports Concussions – Ricardo Colberg, MD, DABPMR
      • Cervical Spine Injuries and Facial Injuries – Isaac Miller, MD
      • Non-operative Evaluation and Treatment of the Knee – José Ortega, MD
      • Environmental Sport Injuries – Isaac Miller, MD
      • Abdominal and Genitourinary Injuries in Sports – Isaac Miller, MD
      • Pain Management in Athletes – Ricardo Colberg, MD, DABPMR
      • Pediatric Injuries in Sports Medicine – Isaac Miller, MD

Date of Original Release: July 31, 2016
Date of Credit Termination: July 31, 2019
Contact Hours: 11

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