17th Edition Internal Medicine Review Core Curriculum-MP3 

17th Edition Internal Medicine Review Core Curriculum-MP3

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Essentials for board exam success
The most success-proven and accessible internal medicine review available, the 17th Edition Core Curriculum helps you study more internal medicine in less time and recall it more confidently on exam day. Created with MedStudy’s unique conversational writing style, the Core Curriculum is concise, comprehensive, and manageable—the indispensable starting point to passing the internal medicine boards. Includes commentary, mnemonics, self-quizzes, text highlighting, charts, tables, and other learning aids, along with newly updated StudyWise guide with deep learning and test-taking tips. Choose from digital version or five, easy-carry 8½ x 11 soft-cover books.

What’s new in the 17th Edition:

All-new hospitalist content

      • Written by and for hospitalists; helpful for all physicians
      • Based on ABIM hospitalist exam blueprint
      • Flagged in text with easy-to-find green vertical line
      • Subtopics include Perioperative care, Palliative Care, and Quality & Safety

Memory-enhancing Preview/Review tool

      • Based on learning science methodology
      • Promotes easy recall and retrieval of knowledge

Improved integration with Q&As and Flash Cards

      • Topics added or enhanced for easier cross-referencing with Board-Style Q&A Premium, Core Scripts®Flash Cards, and Board-Style Question & Answer books

Guidelines and journal articles maintained in new, online MedStudy “Hub”

    • Updated weekly by medical librarian
    • One-click access
    • Free and accessible to all physicians
    • Gastroenterology
      Pulmonary Medicine
      Infectious Disease
      Neurology        Rheumatology
      Allergy and Immunology
      General Internal Medicine
      (Board-relevant Radiology, Pharmacology, Statistics, Geriatrics, Ethics, Pre-Operative Evaluation, Preventive Medicine, Poisoning, Ophthalmology, ENT, Psychiatry, Women’s Medicine, Genetics)

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