[ HOT NEW 2017 ] Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation – A Comprehensive Review PDF & VIDEO 

[ HOT NEW 2017 ] Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation – A Comprehensive Review PDF & VIDEO



Oakstone Specialty Review

Improve clinical performance and your ability to develop state-of-the-art rehabilitation plans with this authoritative review.

A Comprehensive Review of PM&R

This audio program with PowerPoint slides consists of 36 state-of-the-art lectures designed to improve knowledge, competence, and performance in all subspecialty areas of PM&R. The program will enhance the learner’s ability to evaluate patients, diagnose appropriately, and develop comprehensive treatment plans designed to restore maximum function. Topics cover complex clinical problems while highlighting the most up-to-date research. It is designed for physiatrists and residents and fellows in physical medicine and rehabilitation.

It will help you to better:

      • Perform a thorough history taking, with emphasis on functional impact, and a comprehensive physical examination
      • Apply current literature to the evaluation and management of patients
      • Collaborate with colleagues in various healthcare disciplines to provide the most effective care
      • Assess relevant treatment options and draw up comprehensive treatment plans
      • Explain treatment options, rehabilitation outcomes, and prognoses to patients and families
      • Assess the need for referral to a subspecialist physiatrist or specialist in another field

General Evaluation and Considerations

  • Therapeutic Modalities – Adam S. Tenforde, MD

Spine and Sports

  • Stress Fractures – Michael Fredericson, MD
  • Lumbar Spine Care Updates – Alec L. Meleger, MD
  • Cervical Spine Care Updates – Venu Akuthota, MD
  • The Role of Intervention Procedures in Spine Care – Zacharia Isaac, MD
  • The Knee and Shoulder in Sports – Dana H. Kotler, MD
  • Osteoarthritis Update – Todd P. Stitik, MD, RMSK
  • Hip Dysfunction and Pain – Kelly C. McInnis, DO
  • Exercise – Edward M. Phillips, MD
  • Concepts in Pain Management – Jennifer L. Kurz, MD
  • Current Concepts in Musculoskeletal Ultrasound – Joanne Borg-Stein, MD
  • Paralympic Sports – Cheri A. Blauwet, MD

Neuromuscular and Medical Disorders

  • Nerve Conduction and EMG Basics – Timothy R. Dilligham, MD, MS
  • Radiculopathy – James L. Sarni, MD
  • Motor Neuron Disease – Sabrina Paganoni, MD, PhD
  • Adult Neuromuscular Disease – Sabrina Paganoni, MD, PhD
  • Myopathies – Lawrence R. Robinson, MD
  • Cancer Rehabilitation – Julie K. Silver, MD
  • Cardiopulmonary Concerns – Matthew N. Bartels, MD, MPH


  • Cerebral Palsy – Marykatharine Nutini, DO
  • Special Pediatric Issues in Trauma – David J. Fogelman, MD

Neurorehabilitation and General Rehabilitation

  • Rehabilitation Approach to Common Stroke Syndromes – Yong-Tae Lee, MD
  • Aphasia – Denise M. Ambrosi, MS, CCC-SLP
  • Dysphagia – Denise M. Ambrosi, MS, CCC-SLP
  • Traumatic Brain Injury Update – Seth D. Herman, MD
  • Disorders of Consciousness – Joseph T. Giacino, PhD
  • Spinal Cord Injury Update – Sunil Sabharwal, MD, MS
  • Neurogenic Bladder and Bowel – Jayne Donovan, MD
  • Pain After Spinal Cord Injury – Thomas N. Bryce, MD
  • Sports-Related Concussion – Ross D. Zafonte, DO
  • Neuroimaging – Steven R. Flanagan, MD
  • Spasticity – Cindy B. Ivanhoe, MD
  • Burn Care – Jeffrey C. Schneider, MD
  • Amputee Care – David M. Crandell, MD
  • Palliative Care and Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation – Dorothy Weiss Tolchin, MD, EdM

Date of Original Release: November 1, 2015
Date Credits Expire: November 1, 2018
Estimated Time to Complete: 30.5 hours

File Size : 10 GB

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