[HOT NEW 2017 ] The Brigham Renal Board Review Course PDF & VIDEO 

[HOT NEW 2017 ] The Brigham Renal Board Review Course PDF & VIDEO


Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital Board Review

Prepare for board exams with this comprehensive update of renal medicine and its subspecialties.


      • Renal Physiology for the Boards – Melanie P. Hoenig, MD
      • Renal Pathology 101 – Helmut G. Rennke, MD
      • Renal Pathology 102 – Helmut G. Rennke, MD
      • Urine Sediment Analysis – Martina M. McGrath, MD
      • Pathology Cases for the Boards – Helmut G. Rennke, MD
      • IgA Nephropathy – Gerald B. Appel, MD
      • Membranous Nephropathy – Laurence H. Beck, Jr., MD, PhD
      • RPGN – John L. Niles, MD
      • Lupus Nephritis – Gerald B. Appel, MD
      • Board Review Questions – GN – Gerald B. Appel, MD
      • Geriatric Nephrology – Ernest I. Mandel, MD
      • Anemia Management for the Boards – Ajay K. Singh, MBBS, FRCP (UK), MBA
      • Clinical Images for the Boards – Ajay K. Singh, MBBS, FRCP (UK), MBA
      • Workshop: Hyponatremia and Hypernatremia – David B. Mount, MD

Electrolytes and Acid Base

      • Electrolyte and Acid Base – Practice I – Alan S.L. Yu, MD, MB, BChir
      • Hypokalemia and Hyperkalemia – David B. Mount, MD
      • Acid Base I – Acidosis – Alan S.L. Yu, MD, MB, BChir
      • Acid Base II – Alkalosis – Alan S.L. Yu, MD, MB, BChir
      • Cases from Renal Grand Rounds at The Brigham – David B. Mount, MD
      • Electrolyte and Acid Base – Practice II – Alan S.L. Yu, MD, MB, BChir
      • Genetics and Kidney Disease – Friedhelm Hildebrandt, MD
      • Polycystic Kidney Disease – Peter G. Czarnecki, MD
      • Pregnancy and Renal Disease – Ravi I. Thadhani, MD, MPH
      • Pediatric Nephrology – Michael J.G. Somers, MD
      • Kidney Stone Cases – Gary C. Curhan, MD, ScD

CKD and General Nephrology

      • Renovascular Disease – Joseph M. Garasic, MD
      • Hypertension: An Overview – John P. Forman, MD, MSc
      • Secondary Hypertension – John P. Forman, MD, MSc
      • Cardiovascular Disease and Renal Disease – David M. Charytan, MD, MSc
      • CKD Epidemiology – Gearoid M. McMahon, MB BCh
      • Nephrology Board Review 1 – David M. Charytan, MD, MSc

Acute Kidney Injury

      • Pathophysiology of AKI – Joseph V. Bonventre, MD, PhD
      • AKI Syndrome – Sushrut S. Waikar, MD, MPH
      • AKI and Cancer – Albert Q. Lam, MD
      • Paraprotein Induced Kidney Injury – Albert Q. Lam, MD
      • CPC – Mark J. Sarnak, MD, MS; Vanesa Bijol, MD; Martina McGrath, MD
      • Cardiorenal and Hepatorenal Syndromes – David J.R. Steele, MD
      • Interstitial Nephritis: Overview for the Boards – Li-Li Hsiao, MD, PhD
      • ICU Nephrology and CVVH for the Boards – Kenneth B. Christopher, MD


      • Why Do We Reject a Transplant? – Jamil R. Azzi, MD
      • Transplant Immunosuppression for the Boards – Steven Gabardi, PharmD, BCPS, FAST, FCCP
      • Immunological Assessment Pre and Post Transplant – Melissa Y. Yeung, MD
      • Early Post Transplant Management – Jamil R. Azzi, MD
      • Late Post Transplant Medical Complications – Leonardo V. Riella, MD, PhD
      • Late Allograft Loss – Andrew M. Siedlecki, MD
      • Infections in Immunocompromised Host – Sarah P. Hammond, MD
      • Transplant Cases for the Boards – Melissa Y. Yeung, MD; Edgar L. Milford, MD
      • Pre-Transplant Evaluation of Recipients – Jamil R. Azzi, MD; Sayeed Malek, MD, FACS
      • Donor Evaluation – Eliot C. Heher, MD
      • HUS/TTP – Jean M. Francis, MD
      • Cutting Edge in Transplantation – Reza Abdi, MD
      • Transplant Board Review – Leonardo V. Reilla, MD, PhD
      • Must Know Board Zebras – Emily S. Robinson, MD, MPH


      • Dialysis Dose – J. Kevin Tucker, MD
      • MBD Overview for the Boards – David Bushinsky, MD
      • Dialysis: An Overview for the Boards – J. Kevin Tucker, MD
      • Pearls in MBD – David Bushinsky, MD
      • Renal Ultrasound for the Boards – Adina S. Voiculescu, MD
      • Dialysis Vascular Access – Dirk M. Hentschel, MD
      • Peritoneal Dialysis: An Overview – Joanne M. Bargman, MD, FRCPC
      • Peritoneal Dialysis Complications – Joanne M. Bargman, MD, FRCPC
      • Poisonings and Intoxications – Albert Q. Lam, MD
      • Nephrology Board Review Practice 2 – Melissa Y. Yeung, MD
      • Nephrology Board Review Practice 3 – Finnian R. McCausland, MD
      • How To Pass The Boards Session – David E. Leaf, MD
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