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Valve Disease & Diastology Summit




    • All new!  Physicians and Sonographers can meet their Echocardiography Lab CME requirements by completing this Cleveland Clinic activity.  A dozen international expert clinicians analyze valve disease, particularly the newest aspects of structural valve interventions. The Valve Disease and Diastology Summit provides a unique opportunity for updates in imaging techniques, with multiple lectures, panels and case reviews.
      Session 1: Valve Disease – Focus on Aortic Stenosis and 3D Echo I
      Aortic Stenosis, Atherosclerosis, and Vascular Inflammation Gian M. Novaro MD
      Aortic Stenosis with Low Flow Paradoxical or Not William J. Stewart MD
      Multidisciplinary Team for Structural Interventions Samir Kapadia MD
      3D Echo and CT in Transcatheter Valve Replacement (TAVR) L. Leonardo Rodriguez MD
      Matching Patients and Devices for TAVR Samir Kapadia MD
      Para-Valvular Regurgitation: Predict, Quantitate, Manage Linda Gillam MD
      TAVR Under Light Sedation – TEE, TTE, or Just Fluoro?  L. Leonardo Rodriguez MD
      Panel Discussion Multiple Faculty
      Session 2: Valve Disease—Focus on Aortic Stenosis and 3D Echo II
      Performing a Transthoracic 3-D Echo: Sonographer Approach Deborah A. Agler RDCS
      Ascending Aortic Dilation in Bicuspid Valves and Others Gian M. Novaro MD
      Severe Aortic Stenosis without Symptoms: When AVR? David Rubenson MD
      3D Echo: A Practical Approach in Understanding Valve Dysfunction William J. Stewart MD
      Contrast Echo in Valve Patients: What is its Role in Assessing EF, LV Morphology, and Gradients? Allan L. Klein MD
      Dobutamine Echo in Aortic Stenosis-Methods and Impact on Management  Deborah A. Agler RDCS
      Panel Discussion Multiple Faculty
      Case-based Workshop – Choosing TAVR vs SAVR for Aortic Stenosis, 3D echo Multiple Faculty
      Session 3: Diastolic Dysfunction and Right Heart Function I
      Which Diastology Parameters to Use in Clinical Practice?  Gian M. Novaro MD
       Limitations and Pitfalls in Assessing Diastolic Function Richard A. Grimm DO
       Estimating LV Filling Pressures with Doppler  L. Leonardo Rodriguez MD
      Constriction and Amyloid: Diastolic Dysfunction  Allan L. Klein MD
       Diastolic Dysfunction in Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathies  Craig R. Asher MD
      Cath Hemodynamics in Diastolic Dysfunction  Samir Kapadia MD
      ASE Guidelines-Diastology 2016 Update Christopher P. Appleton MD
      Panel Discussion Multiple Faculty
      Session 4: Diastolic Dysfunction and Right Heart Function II
      Diastology Assessment by TTE: Tips for Sonographers  Deborah A. Agler RDCS
      Athlete’s Heart vs Hypertrophic + Dilated Cardiomyopathy  Craig R. Asher MD
      Pericardial Inflammation-Monitoring and Treatment Allan L. Klein MD
      Evaluation of Right Heart Function Linda Gillam MD
      Tricuspid Regurgitation: Repair, Replace, or Delay? Results?  Lars G. Svensson MD, PhD
       Tricuspid Anatomy and Repair and Fate of the Ignored TV David Rubenson MD
      Panel Discussion Multiple Faculty
      Case-based Workshop – Constriction, Restriction, Tricuspid Regurgitation  Multiple Faculty
      Session 5: Valve Regurgitation and Strain I
      Quantitating Regurgitation: Vena Contracta, ROA, MR vs AR Linda Gillam MD
      Surgery for Ischemic/Functional MR – When, Who, and Who-not? Lars G. Svensson MD, PhD
       Progress to Transcatheter Mitral Replacement Samir Kapadia MD
       Myocardial Mechanics: Strain and Torsion in Valve Disease Christopher P. Appleton MD
      Aortic Regurgitation: Medicine or Surgery?  Richard A. Grimm DO
       Are Transcatheter Valve Procedures Killing or Helping Valve Surgery? Lars G. Svensson MD, PhD
      Exercise Testing in Mitral or Aortic Regurgitation  David Rubenson MD
      Panel Discussion Multiple Faculty
      Session 6: Valve Regurgitation and Strain II
       Cardiac Mechanics: Incorporating 2-D Strain into the Echo Lab Routine Deborah A. Agler RDCS
      When Does Strain Imaging Influence Clinical Decisions? L. Leonardo Rodriguez MD
       LV Strain in Pericardial Disease Allan L. Klein MD
      TAVR: What to Do When the Awful Happens? Lars G. Svensson MD, PhD
      LV Strain in Cardio Oncology  Craig R. Asher MD
      Mitraclip-Methods and Echo Monitoring William J. Stewart MD
      Panel Discussion Multiple Faculty
      Case-based Workshop – Contrast Echo, Valve Regurgitation, LV Mechanics, LV Strain Multiple Faculty
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