Duke Radiology Neuro & MSK Imaging 2017




    • Duke Radiology’s expert faculty presents the latest techniques for optimal practices in neuroradiology, head, neck and musculoskeletal imaging.  Multiple modalities, including MRI, CT and Nuclear Medicine are addressed throughout the activity, in order to ascertain the best protocols and most accurate results.  All credits from this activity can be used to fulfill Self-Assessment CME requirements for Maintenance of Certification.


    • Topics: Temporal bones, brain tumors, thyroid, CNS, sinuses, stroke, knee, ankle, shoulder, elbow, wrist, spine, hip, trauma and nuclear medicine applications!
Session 1: Temporal Bones and Brain Tumors

Temporal Bones: Key Anatomy and a Problem-based Approach Jenny Hoang M.D.
Approach to Brain Tumors:  Imaging Mimics and Clinical Pearls Jenny Hoang M.D.
Imaging of Neuroepithelial Brain Tumors Christopher Roth M.D.
Session 2: Thyroid and Nerves
Thyroid Scintigraphy and I-131 Treatment Olga James M.D.
What To Do With Incidental Thyroid Nodules Jenny Hoang M.D.
Nuclear Medicine Applications for Lesions of the CNS Olga James M.D.
Cranial Nerves Made Easy Jenny Hoang M.D.
Session 3: Sinuses, Stroke & Emergency
Imaging Sinus Disease Jenny Hoang M.D.
Stroke Imaging James Eastwood M.D.
Emergency Neuroradiology: Trauma James Eastwood M.D.
Emergency Neuroradiology: Non-Trauma James Eastwood M.D.
Session 4: Knee and Ankle
MRI of the Knee:  Focus on Meniscal Pathology Emily Vinson M.D.
MRI of the Knee: Ligaments & Cartillage Thomas Hash M.D.
MRI of the Knee: Interesting Cases Emily Vinson M.D.
MRI of the Ankle Emily Vinson M.D.
Session 5: Shoulder and Elbow
MRI of the Shoulder: Rotator Cuff R. Lee Cothran M.D.
MRI of the Shoulder: Labral Pathology and Technique R. Lee Cothran M.D.
MRI of the Elbow Emily Vinson M.D.
Closer Focus on the Glenoid Labrum and Biceps Tendon Thomas Hash M.D.
Session 6: Wrist and Spine
MRI of the Hand and Wrist R. Lee Cothran M.D.
Spine Imaging James Eastwood M.D.
Intradural Spine Christopher Roth M.D.
Session 7: Hip, Trauma & Nuclear Medicine
MRI of the Hip Thomas Hash M.D.
MRI of the Hip – Part 2 Thomas Hash M.D.
MRI of Musculoskeletal Trauma R. Lee Cothran M.D.
Musculoskeletal Nuclear Medicine Olga James M.D.


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