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        • For 24 years, Duke Radiology’s faculty has converged to discuss a wide range of important topics impacting today’s imaging practice. For the first time, Meetings By Mail presents this annual event for home study. Expert insight is offered in a multitude of anatomic subjects and modalities, with up to up 20.5 AMA PRA Category I Credits™, which are all applicable toward SA-CME requirements for Maintenance of Certification.


        • Topics: Abdominal, Cardiothoracic, Musculoskeletal, Interventional, Neuro, Breast, Pediatric and Nuclear Medicine.
Session 1: Abdominal
Biliary Imaging: An Overview Mustafa Bashir, MD
Imaging of Pancreatic Disease Mustafa Bashir, MD
Incidental Liver Lesions: How Should They be Managed? Rendon Nelson,MD
Interesting Abdominal Cases Chad Miller, MD
Imaging Workup of the Incidental Adrenal Nodule Lisa Ho, MD
Case Based Approach to Abdominal Trauma Rajan Gupta, DM
Cross Sectional Imaging of the Acute Abdomen BhavikPatel, MD
Questions & Answers
Session 2: Cardiothoracic

Before You Call it Normal: Misses at Chest Radiography Jared Christensen, MD
Inhalational Lung Diseases Danielle Seaman, MD
Pulmonary Infection: A Case-Based Approach Lacy Washington, MD
Airways Disease: The Nuts and Bolts Justus Roos, MD
PE: Overdiagnosis in MDCT Era? H. Page McAdams, MD
Questions & Answers
Session 3: Interventional
Percutaneous Thermal Ablation: Before & After David Sopko, MD
Incidental Findings Related to IR Procedures Charles Kim, MD
Traumatic Thoracic Aortic Injury: A Multimodality Approach Waleska Pabon-Ramos, MD
Interventional Case Tony Smith, MD
Portal-Systemic Shunts in the Non-Cirrhotic Patient Paul Suhocki, MD
Interventional Radiology Clinic Michael Miller, MD
Questions & Answers
Session 4: Neuro
CNS Infections James Provenzale, MD
Orbital Mass Differential Diagnosis Jenny Hoang, MD
Temporal Bone Christopher Roth, MD
Stroke Imaging Update 2014 Case Conference Donald Enterline, MD
Introduction to Digital Imaging Daniel Barboriak, MD
MRI Strategies in Neuroradiology Christopher Lascola, MD
Questions & Answers
Session 5: Nuclear Medicine
Cardiac SPECT: Still Room in the Emergency? Sal Borges-Neto, MD
V/Q Lung Scans: Brandon Howard, MD
Physiologic, Non-Physiologic Benign or Malignant? PET/CT Case Based Review Olga James, MD
Ra-223 Update 2014 Bennett Chin, MD
Hepatobiliary Scintigraphic Imaging Michael Hanson, MD
Session 6: Breast
High Risk Breast Lesions: Management Following Core Needle Biopsy Karen Johnson, MD
ACR Bi-Rads MRI Lexicon Sora Yoon, MD
Breast MRI – Challenging Cases Mary Scott, Soo, MD
Implants and Explantation Revisited Sujata Ghate, MD
Breast MRI: Is It Worth it? Connie Kim, MD
Bi-Rads of Calcifications Ruth Walsh, MD
Questions & Answers
Session 7: MSK
Interesting MSK Cases Thomas Hash, MD
MRI of the Elbow Emily Vinson, MD
Soft Tissue Masses: What Do I Need to Know? Charles Spritzer, MD
Questions & Answers
Session 8: Pediatric
Hemangiomas and Vascular Malformations Caroline Carrico, MD
Pediatric Fractures Charles Maxfield, MD
Some “-oses” Cases, as Platforms for Optimizing CT Techniques in Children Donald Frush, MD

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