Clinical Competence in Breast MR, Volume 1




        • Clinical Competence in Breast MR, volume 1 is designed to meet the ACR CME case requirement for facility accreditation.  The program contains 100 comprehensive Breast MR cases, including detailed patient histories, hundreds of images and insightful teaching points from a nationally acclaimed faculty.  The case review explores a myriad of indications for malignant and benign disease, featuring the wide range of nodules, tumors and patterns of enhancement encountered in practice.  Foundational Breast MR lectures in indications, imaging techniques, epidemiology of breast cancer and risk stratification are included as well!


      • Topics:  Benign enhancement patterns and foci of enhancement, fibroadenomas, papillomas, lymph nodes, DCIS, invasive malignancies both ductal and lobular, male breast cancer, patterns of nodal spread, synchronous and contralateral tumors, response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy, skin and nipple involvement, phyllodes tumors, radial scars and much more!
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