Duke Radiology: Mammograms to MRI: Breast Imaging and Interventions




        • Mammograms to MRI: Breast Imaging and Interventions features Duke Radiology’s comprehensive review of established and emerging breast imaging modalities, with an analysis of advances in state of the art techniques. While a wide range of modalities and technical advances are covered, special emphasis is placed on information which can be applied to everyday practice.  This activity is designed to meet the MQSA CME requirements for breast imagers, andall credits count toward Self Assessment CME Requirements for ABR Maintenance of Certification.
Session 1: Mammography I
Mammography BIRADS – Soup to Nuts Jay A. Baker, MD
BI-RADs Calcifications Jay A. Baker, MD
Special Cases Jay A. Baker, MD
Session 2: Breast Cancer
Alphabet Soup of Breast Cancer Karen Johnson, MD
Infiltrating Lobular Carcinoma: Tips for Detecting the Invisible Tumor Robert Maxwell, MD
Probably Benign – Rules of the Game Jay A. Baker, MD
Probably Benign Cases – The Consequences of Broken Rules Jay A. Baker, MD
Session 3: Mammography II

The Breast Imaging Audit: A Tool to Help Your Practice Robert Maxwell, MD
Architectual Distortion: Hiding in Plain Sight Jay A. Baker, MD
Screening Mammography – The Controversy Continues Jay A. Baker, MD
Questions and Answers
Session 4: High Risk Lesions, Ultrasound & DCIS
High Risk Breast Lesions Karen Johnson, MD
Artifacts and Pitfalls in Ultrasound Imaging of the Breast Jay A. Baker, MD
DCIS: Initial Detection and Assessment of Extent of Disease Robert Maxwell, MD
Questions and Answers
Session 5: Implants, Reconstruction & Lymph Nodes
Implants: Deconstruction, Explanation and Reduction Sujata Ghate, MD
Breast Reconstruction Sujata Ghate, MD
Lymph Nodes – Does Size Matter? Sujata Ghate, MD
Questions and Answers
Session 6: MRI
ACR BI-RADS Lexicon Karen Johnson, MD
Breast MRI Update 2014: Indications and Cases Sujata Ghate, MD
Incidental Enhancing Lesions: What Do I Do with This? Sujata Ghate, MD
Session 7: Multimodality Cases
Breast MRI Cases Karen Johnson, MD
The Breast Imaging Report What You Say Can and Will Be Used Against You . . . Sujata Ghate, MD
Medicolegal Cases in Breast Imaging
Questions and Answers
Session 8: New Horizons in Breast Imaging
Breast Tomosynthesis: Present and Future Jay A. Baker, MD
Tomosynthesis Breaking News Jay A. Baker, MD
Young, Pregnant and Male Karen Johnson, MD
Molecular Breast Imaging – Ready for Prime Time? Robert Maxwell, MD

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