Cardiovascular Disease Board Review Course

Cardiovascular Disease Board Review Course



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“I can honestly say that the only reason I passed the cardiology boards the last time I took them was because of The Pass Machine.The Pass Machine is the best board review course you can take. Unlike other courses,The Pass Machine is concise and only goes over what you really need to know for the boards. I previously took the Mayo Board Review course, which spent too much time reviewing things that were not needed for just taking the boards. I felt like this only made it harder to decide what was pertinent and what was not. The questions The Pass Machine gave to review were great for cardiology board preparation. I would highly recommend The Pass Machine as the only concise board review for the Cardiology boards.”

Jeffrey W. Bissing, DO, Shawnee Mission, KS

“I just received notification that I passed (with room to spare)! As an electrophysiologist, I needed to review general cardiology and thought your lecturers were on target and on content. I have already recommended your course to others planning to take the boards this fall.”

Raul Mintrani, MD, FACC, FHRS, Bay Harbor Islands, FL


“This course is excellent, as well as superior to any board review courses I’ve taken in the past! This course is driven to help you and guide you for the boards. Would highly recommend anyone to be part of this experience – you will never regret it.”

Orlando Almanza, MD, Miami, FL

“I’ve been to all the review courses through the years – ACCF, Mayo, Cleveland Clinic – and by far this was the best. The repetition and interdisciplinary approach to the program were excellent. All guideline-oriented – great job!”

Carl Thurmond, MD, Columbia, SC

“I was extremely pleased with the format of this course and the ability to review all lectures online over and over till mastered. The set of practice questions is designed for you to know exactly what the Boards expect from you. When you study from this course, your confidence and knowledge to pass is real. I recommend it highly.”

Victor Mejia, MD, Coguas, PR



“Great conferences by great faculty who are up to date in guidelines. Helped me focus on specific topics for the cardiology board exam.”

Carlos O. Rodriquez, MD, Bogalusa, LA

“The content is succinct and board-directed, which is why I’m here, but at the same time clinically relevant and helpful for practice refresher.”

Arie Szatkowski, MD, Memphis, TN

“Well focused, about the right duration and intensity. Extremely helpful in preparation for MOC. Well-organized take-home binder and online access to lectures and exams.”

Thor Markwood, MD, New Hartford, NY

“A superb, focused overview of cardiology with emphasis on board-relevant material while maintaining relevance to clinical practice.”

Paul Kim, MD, Greenwood, SC

“Excellent & extremely comprehensive as well as geared toward board review. The best I have seen as compared to others available.”

O.V. Almanza, MD, Greenwood, SC

“Excellent & extremely comprehensive as well as geared toward board review. The best I have seen as compared to others available.”

Sylvester Ejeh, MD, Fayateville, NC

“Excellent, focused review. Well-organized with high quality speakers. Organized, comprehensive course material.”

Divyesh Bhakia, MD, Louisville, KY

“Best board review course I’ve attended. Only focused on issues relevant to passing the test.”

Steven Correa, MD, Medford, OR

“Very useful, informative, in detail. Extremely helpful for both boards and private practice.”

Charles Villoch, MD, Coral Gables, FL

“I found this to be very helpful. I am changing my practice-patterns based upon what I’ve learned.”

Joseph E. Gardella, MD, Messena, NY

“Very thorough and focused to exam. Online presentations available immediately after the course.”

Mehdi Qamar, MD, Lancaster, OH

“An excellent review of Cardiology in a very short time-very efficient.”

Krishna Namsur, MD, Terra Haute, IN

“I liked that there was a fairly strict timeline and that there were breaks after every lecture.”

 Ray Kawasaki, MD, Chicago, IL

“Very well-organized and precise for cardiology board review. One of the best I have attended.”

George Vettiankal, MD, Henderson, KY

“Excellent overall review. Illuminates areas that need further review before the test.”

Michael Fleissner, MD, St. Louis, MO

“Great course. My confidence has increased tremendously.”

Samantha Avery, MD, St. Pete, FL

“Up to date, focused review. Most ideal for passing the boards.”

Oliver Diaz, MD, Bristol, CT

“Excellent course. No-nonsense approach – what you need to know!”

Karamchand Paul, MD, Indianapolis, IN

“Helped me focus on what I need to concentrate on and prepare for the boards.”

Sophie Parkerl, MD, Norfolk, VA

“Wonderful program to laser focus your board review.”

Roland A. Filant, MD, Windermere, FL

“Comprehensive review for the Cardiology Boards!”

Sandra Dee, MD, Jaclem, TN

“Far more superior to ACC and Mayo courses.”

Joseph Gardella, MD, Messena, NY

“Excellent lectures and related services.”

Xixi Amley, MD, New York, NY

“Great course. Best I have been to!”

Anthony Alfieri, MD, Wilmington, DE

“The best board review course!”

Pradeep Kumar, MD, Fremont, CA

“Great overall review.”

Gordon Fries, MD, Stroudsburg, PA

“I plan to attend again.”

John Altierri, MD, Sebring, FL

“Overall great course.”

David Biglar, MD

“Excellent course.”

Mark Jenkins, MD, Dallas, TX

“Very detailed”

Jeff Steinhoff, MD, Largo, FL

Cardiovascular Disease MOC Testimonials

The Pass Machine was instrumental in preparing me for board recertification in the subspecialty of cardiology. I watched all the lectures at home on my iPad and PC. The boards require mastering of a large volume of material. I don’t think that I would have passed the boards successfully without the help of The Pass Machine syllabus. Sample questions were also very helpful. The Pass Machine stands by their product by offering a refund if you are not successful in passing the boards. Thank you The Pass Machine. I will certainly use you again in 10 years.”

Bruce J. Kriegel, MD, FACC, Sharon, MA

“Your cardiovascular review course was excellent. I used my iPhone/iPad for the video lectures and questions. The speakers provided a great review of the pertinent points tested in the recertification exam. Also, the ability to access the information at any time via iPhone/ iPad made the review course a great learning tool in a busy private practice. The questions were relevant to the boards curriculum and the ability to receive a score analysis helped me focus on my study. I recently received the great news that I passed the recertification exam and I thank you for helping me reach my professional goals.”

Dan Deac, MD, FACC, West Palm Beach, FL

The Pass Machine course was a very valuable time saving and organizing tool to review a large volume of material. In my case, I allotted less time then ideal to this review. Had I not had The Pass Machine materials, I would not have been able to manage the volume. Very well organized course. I passed.”

Daniela Samoil, MD, FACC, Lake Oswego, OR

“I felt quite prepared after taking the review course. He brushed me up on topics that I don’t encounter in my practice on a day-to-day basis, and also solidified my current practice management as up to date. I passed with flying colors!! Thanks for a great review course.”

Judy Rippert, DO, Dover, DE

“I have personally told all my colleagues in town, the only reason I passed recertification was because of your course. It was a great overview as well. It streamlined the review process so I could do it, enjoy top notch lecturers, and fit it into a hectic private practice schedule.”

Nancy Cho, MD, Vero Beach, FL

“I just learned that I passed the Spring 2013 Cardiology Maintenance of Certification Examination. Your course was instrumental in passing the examination. The lectures and practice questions were very focused and exam-oriented and the overall course experience was excellent!”


Emmett B. Chapital JR., MD, MBA, FACC, FASNC, New Orleans, LA

“Excellent course, outstanding, super! Very well presented, I took the exam & passed, Thanks.”

Mammen P. Zachariah, MD, Fort Lauderdale, FL

“This is a well organized course of basic cardiology topics guided for general cardiology practice as well as board recertification. The speakers in general do a very concise, organized presentation of their topics. I have recommended it to colleagues.”

Walter Haught, MD, Huntsville, AL

“I watched the lectures over a 2-month period, taking a few notes and doing the practice exams along the way. The lectures are very focused and cover exactly what is needed to answer the exam questions with confidence. I highly recommend this course because it allows you to work at your own pace. I found it to be a much more effective way to review (and retain) material than trying to absorb the fast-paced barrage of information in a live course.”

Brian Long, MD, Brentwood, TN

“The course was great! The info presented was pertinent to the board exam. I am on a 3rd time recert, and it’s the best board review I ever attended. Information is also very pertinent to daily practice of cardiology.”

Joseph Pedone, MD, Niceville, FL

“I would definitely recommend API for the Cardiology recertification, encompassed everything you should know.”

Joseph Pedone, MD, Niceville, FL

“Concise and to the point.”

Osamah Elattar, PhD, Los Angeles, CA

“Best. Review. Ever.”

Randall Morris, MD, Houston, TX

Systems, Mechanisms, Evaluation, Testing, Pacemakers, & Syncope (1.25 Hours)
Hemal M. Nayak, MD
Antiarrhythmic Medications & Atrial Fibrillation (1 Hour)
Hemal M. Nayak, MD
Supraventricular Tachycardias &“Miscellaneous Arrhythmias” (1 Hour)
Hemal M. Nayak, MD
Wide Complex Tachycardias, Ventricular Arrhythmias, Sudden Cardiac Death, & Automatic Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (1.25 Hours)
Hemal M. Nayak, MD
Congestive Heart Failure
Cardiomyopathies (1 Hour)
Jonathan D. Rich, MD
Systolic Dysfunctions (1.25 Hours)
Jonathan D. Rich, MD
Diastolic Dysfunctions & Acute Decompensated Heart Failure (0.75 Hours)
Jonathan D. Rich, MD
Devices & Surgical Approaches (1 Hour)
Jonathan D. Rich, MD
Coronary Artery Disease
Diagnosis (1 Hour)
Michael A. Gaglia, Jr., MD
Treatment of Stable Coronary Artery Disease (1 Hour)
Michael A. Gaglia, Jr., MD
Primary and Secondary Prevention of Coronary Heart Disease (1 Hour)
Michael A. Gaglia, Jr., MD
Perioperative Cardiovascular Evaluation & Care for Non-cardiac Surgery (1 Hour)
Michael A. Gaglia, Jr., MD
Women & Heart Disease (1 Hour)
Todd Kiefer, MD
Acute Coronary Syndrome/Acute Myocardial Infarction
Unstable Angina & NSTEMI – Pathophysiology, Initial Approach, Invasive vs. Conservative Strategy & Revascularization Options (1 Hour)
Gary L. Schaer, MD
Antiplatelet & Anticoagulant Treatment for UA/NSTEMI (1.25 Hours)
Gary L. Schaer, MD
Pathophysiology & Initial Approach to ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction (0.75 Hours)
Gary L. Schaer, MD
Adjunctive Medical Therapy, Complications & Post Discharge Management of the STEMI Patient (1 Hour)
Gary L. Schaer, MD
Valvular Disorders
Aortic Valves (1 Hour)
Daniel H. Steinberg, MD
Mitral Valves (1 Hour)
Daniel H. Steinberg, MD
Pulmonic, Tricuspid & Prosthetic Valves (1 Hour)
Daniel H. Steinberg, MD
Aorta/Peripheral Vascular
Aorta/Peripheral Vascular Disease: Aortic Peripheral Artery Disease (1.25 Hours)
W. Schuyler Jones, MD
Aorta/Peripheral Vascular Disease: Cerebrovascular Disease, Renovascular Disease & Mesenteric Disease (1 Hour)
W. Schuyler Jones, MD
Aorta/Peripheral Vascular Disease: Miscellaneous Vascular Disease (0.75 Hours)
W. Schuyler Jones, MD
Hypertension (2 Hours)
Matthew J. Sorrentino, MD
Pulmonary Hypertension and Embolism Disorders (1 Hour)
Matthew J. Sorrentino, MD
Physiology & Biochemistry
Biochemistry (1 Hour)
Gautam V. Ramani, MD
Physiology (1 Hour)
Gautam V. Ramani, MD
Congenital Disorders
Congenital Disorders (2 Hours)
Todd Kiefer, MD
Pharmacology (2 Hours)
Matthew J. Sorrentino, MD
Pericardial Disease
Pericardial Disease (1 Hour)
W. Schuyler Jones, MD
Other Lectures/Miscellaneous
Epidemiology & Ethics (1 Hour)
Elizabeth A. Jackson, MD
ECG & Imaging (Certification ONLY)
Electrocardiograms (2 Hours)
Kousik Krishnan, MD
Echocardiograms (1.75 Hours)
Rajesh Dash, MD, PhD
Angiograms (1 Hour)
Rajesh Dash, MD, PhD
Supplemental Review: Ventriculograms/Aortograms (1 Hour)
Rajesh Dash, MD, PhD
Study Tools
Practice Exam I (0.5 Hours)
Jonathan D. Rich, MD
Practice Exam II (0.5 Hours)
W. Schuyler Jones, MD
Practice Exam III (0.5 Hours)
Matthew J. Sorrentino, MD
Strategies for the Successful Test-taker (0.5 Hours)
Matthew J. Sorrentino, MD

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