Tag: ACP Internal Medicine Meeting 2017 Pre-Courses (Videos)

ACP Internal Medicine Meeting 2017 Pre-Courses (Videos)

ACP Internal Medicine Meeting 2017 Pre-Courses (Videos)


    • This collection includes 6 full-day pre-courses and the corresponding reference material. Available in all formats—select the one that best suits you. Topics include: Advances in Therapy, Cardiology, Diabetes, Hospital Medicine, Neurology, Perioperative Medicine, and Critical Care Medicine.



    Pre-Courses Recorded: March 30 – April 1, 2017
    Release Date: April 10, 2017.

    Seven Pre-courses provide in-depth coverage of selected topics.

        • Advances in Therapy (7 hours)
          This Pre-Course will focus on pearls to help the practicing internist use drug therapies in the most effective manner. Newer medications and new uses for older medications will be covered. Current recommendations for “best therapy” for different diseases will also be covered. Common side effects of medications will be emphasized. Faculty will provide practical information on therapy for psychiatric disease, diabetes, and infectious diseases, safe use of medications in the elderly, and drug interactions.
        • Cardiology for the Internist 2017: “The Key Points” (7 hours)
          This Pre-Course will provide a focused update of the diagnostic, preventive, and therapeutic approaches to the patient at risk for, or with known, cardiovascular disease. Expert clinician–educators will focus on the cardiovascular disease issues that internists most frequently encounter and will provide “key points” to update the audience and foster patient care.
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